AgeWell Home Care

Developed 2 websites and a prototype family portal

AgeWell Home Care


AgeWell is an innovative homecare company based in Minneapolis. Their holistic model pairs each of their customers with a personal care aide or home health aide and a geriatric care manager. These care managers are typically RNs or medical social workers. This team directs the long-term care of AgeWell’s clients and helps them navigate the healthcare system.

Because this model is so innovative off-the-shelf technology is not available to support all aspects of AgeWell’s care model. The business model was evolving as AgeWell transitioned their comprehensive care model into settings other than just homecare. These partners had specific needs and offered AgeWell new opportunities to demonstrate the value of their services.


AgeWell engaged Rob Rossi to assess their overall technology platform and recommend a long-term technology strategy. AgeWell liked the recommendations. Rob became their interim Director of Technology to carryout the implementation of their technology platform.

Phase I involved building AgeWell’s company websites for both the home care and housing solutions business lines. Rob wrote the RFP, distributed the request to reliable development companies, selected the provider and directed the project to completion.

Phase II was focused on connecting AgeWell to their customers through a “value add” technology solution. AgeWell wanted to strengthen their opportunity to support their clients and families throughout the aging process. This required AgeWell to maintain a meaningful relationship with both the senior and their care giving family. Rob was challenged with building a technology solution to enhance AgeWell’s connection to their customer base.


Rob led his development team to create a secure, family website designed to connect AgeWell to both their client and family caregivers. The “My AgeWell” web-based application allowed family members to log-in and remotely interact and manage aspects of their aging parents care and communicate with AgeWell caregivers. This system offered AgeWell clients access to a calendar, address book, messaging and response module, invoicing, medication list and family pictures. My AgeWell tested the use of digital picture frames in client’s homes as a low-cost way to maintain brand awareness and provide an emotional connection between the aging client, their family and AgeWell.


AgeWell’s clients and family could access the senior’s online calendar and see the caregiver’s schedule. They could also add personal and family events to this calendar as a way to keep the family connected and informed.

AgeWell’s nurses could post visit updates to the My AgeWell site so the family caregivers could have the latest wellness information for their family member. Each family member could post questions and the nurse responses were available for all authorized members to review.

AgeWell’s bi-weekly invoices were available online so any visit or billing issues could be handled through an email exchange that included the exact invoice line item needing clarification. This enhanced the relationship between the client and AgeWell and promoted transparency for the cost of homecare services.

The online address book and medication list provided family members with accurate and timely information regularly requested during a hospital or physician visit.

The digital picture frame in the client’s home improves the engagement of the aging client and stimulates dialog with the family. It also provides a branding impression for AgeWell and associates the brand with family fun and memories.

The MyAgeWell platform is a work force multiplier because it allows Nurses to communicate with the family collectively and respond to questions so all participants can read the discussion. Invoicing is also simplified since issues are resolved quickly, with less frustration leaving voice mails, misunderstanding charges and managing expectations.

AgeWell is well positioned to advance their market leading, innovative care model because of the technology platform supporting their operational model.

Client: Technology Strategy

Place: Minneaplois


AgeWell Home Care