Acacia Living Development

Enabling elders to age at home with the support of professional caregivers, family and friends.

Acacia Living Development


Acacia Living has created a web-based application to enable seniors, tFarShore_Team-webheir families and friends, and
their team of health care professionals to easily connect with each other to support positive aging.
Acacia’s holistic approach supports the client’s physical the connections essential to maintaining mental well-being and healthy engagement to the community.

Acacia is a new company focused on building their product, engaging customers and then attracting
investors to provide the financial resources required to commercially launch the Acacia CARE Network.





Acacia’s founder had engaged a development team in San Diego to begin creating the application. Rob
Rossi began working with the team to define the details for application functionality based on his
extensive post-acute healthcare experience. Rob’s deep understanding of user needs coupled with an
extensive background in application development allowed the team to quickly build an early version of
the Acacia platform. Rob added key elements to the original concept including a senior dashboard monitoring
important wellness indicators, a simple low-cost interface for the senior’s home, and event driven messaging
and reminders.

In parallel with the development effort, Rob also wrote components of the business plan, provided industry
specific information on competitors and pricing, worked on Power Point presentation materials, and presented
the technology solution to various investor groups.



Acacia CARE Network

Acacia was able to obtain to successfully obtain funding convincing Pfizer
to make a $3 million investment to Acacia Living. Rob continues to work with Acacia Living today as they continue
to build their product application called the Acacia CARE Network. His expertise and industry relationships are
actively supporting opportunities for early trials and continued development amidst the sea of change profoundly
impacting our healthcare system.


As consulting Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation Rob Rossi provided the following capabilities to Acacia Living:

  • Wrote technology and services sections of the business plan
  • Directed the development of the initial prototype application
  • Presented the services and technology segment to potential investors
  • Brought in partners aligned with the Acacia business opportunity
  • Worked with development team to build the production application
  • Crafted the strategy for HIS system integration
  • Directed the creation of a video showcasing how the Acacia solution could help support our aging population
    and their families

Client: Acacia Living

Place: Phoenix,AZ


Acacia Living